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Welcome to E-Grants!

This is E-Grants, ADOT’s Grant Management Software for Grant applications and overall management for the grant lifecycle. At this time, the E-Grants system is only available to accept transit grant applications.

Please note that Internet Explorer is the only supported browser for E-Grants. Using other browsers may cause technical issues.

Steps to Get Started:
  • The initial registration for your organization must be completed by an Organization Administrator for the organization; e.g. Program Director
  • Once the Organization Administrator registers the organization, they will receive an email Notification of Access Approval from the online systems administrator
  • Once your organization is registered in the system, you can apply for grants, complete/submit reports and submit requests for reimbursement.

                                                   AGATE Help Desk Availability
                                                   Hours:  Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm MST
                                                   Phone: 1-800-820-1890

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